The history of the Indianapolis International Airport dates back to 1931, when the municipal airport was founded. 

In 1944, another governing body, BAA, started managing the Indianapolis International Airport. They have got a 10-year contract to do that. After that, the contract was prolonged for three more years, but it was soon stopped on the demand of the BAA. Thus, the International Airport Authority regained control over the airport at the end of 2007.

Ten years later, in August 2017, the Allegiant Air adopted the decision to open a powerful aircraft base at the Indianapolis International Airport. It has to start working in February, 2018. Delta Air Lines, in its turn, declared their intention to introduce the new flight in the Indianapolis - Paris direction, which has to start on May, 2018. This is a notable event for the airport as the flight has to become the first non-stop transatlantic passenger service from Indianapolis.